Properties for Sale and Rent in Baton Rouge

The local real estate companies will help you make one of the hardest decisions you’ll have to make – managing your property. It does not matter If you have decided to rent, let or buy real estate! They are professionals who have the needed education and experience to help you. So, do not think about it anymore and get in touch with a local real estate agent and start doing business!

C.J. Brown Realtors

C.J. Brown Realtors in Baton Rouge

Behind every CJ Brown sign you'll find a well-established, professional real estate firm that offers a wide range of residential and commercial services. You'll also find knowledgeable people who take pride in their company and careers.
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KDK Capital Region Realty

KDK Capital Region Realty in Baton Rouge

With such a large inventory of homes, we can provide you with a variety of homes to choose from in desirable locations.
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Saurage Realtors

Saurage Realtors in Baton Rouge

Experienced and respected, Saurage Rotenberg Commercial Real Estate, LLC is an industry leader throughout Greater Baton Rouge.
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